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Saw Palmetto

Prostate patches

Voted No 1
by the
Daily Mail

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Gold Gel

The best has
just got

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gold gel 3 for 2
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Cryotherm Pro

Hot and Cold

Provides intense
cooling, mild heat
and infrared

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Free 75ml tube!

Five Premium
for joint

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Medicur Pro

Pulsed Electromagnetic field Therapy

Clinically tested, drug free
pain relief

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Arnica Gold Gel

Advanced skincare

A great gel
that works
for their

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arnica gold 3 for 2

Opti:5 Joint Gel

Advanced formula

Opti:5 is a
joint gel

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Saw Palmetto
Prostate Patches

Voted No.1
Prostate product
by the Daily Mail

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Customer Favourites


For Prostate Health

New research
shows PEMF
can reduce
size and

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painfree prostate

Saw Palmetto
Gold Complex

A combination
of Saw Palmetto
Uva Ursi, Ginseng
Pumpkin Seed,
and Pomegranate
in a capsule.

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Snowden Health Care


Snowden Healthcare has been supplying pain relief management products for 20 years and has firmly established itself as a leading UK provider of natural healthcare solutions.


We have developed a number of Snowden Healthcare products which use tried and tested technologies such as pulsed, electro magnetic field therapy (PEMF) and ultrasound to alleviate pain. We are involved with every stage of the development of our Snowden branded products to ensure that every one of our devices meets our impeccable quality control standards. In order to be certain of this, we manufacture all our own products in the UK using carefully selected, industry expert suppliers so that we can oversee the process.


We develop all our products with you, our customers, in mind which is why our medical devices are easy to use, convenient and portable. Regular physiotherapy appointments can become a financial burden so we are pleased to be able to offer our customers effective home therapy devices which can help to treat joint aches and pains in a cost effective way. We have also developed a number of soothing gels which are made with the best, natural ingredients for maintaining joint health and promoting healthy skin.


Snowden Healthcare is constantly striving to develop new, effective pain relief products which can provide its customers with alternative treatments to painkillers. Having established a strong relationship with the NHS and a positive reputation within the healthcare industry, Snowden Healthcare is well placed to provide innovative pain relief products and devices to the general public and medical community alike.