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Crystal Dream Capsules

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Crystal Dream Capsules

Helps you to get a better nights sleep

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Crystal Dream

Do you suffer from difficulties getting to sleep? Let Crystal Dream come to the rescue with its new and unique formulation of patented ingredients. Each tablet provides a natural blend of patented ingredients such as milk peptides and herbal extracts of lemon balm, arctic root, hops, oats and chamomile.

Using Crystal Dream™ may help
you sleep longer and better, which will energise you to tackle the next day’s duties and problems better!

Lemon Balm (Citrus Sinensis)

Used in herbal medicines for more than 2000 years. it is used to promote relaxation by combating anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. Studies of Citrus Sinensis extract have shown a 52% reduction after 12 weeks and 62% anxiety reduction.

Arctic Root (Rhodiola Rosea)

Has been used in Scandinavia for centuries to help prevent stress. Studies have shown Arctic Root has the ability to increase the bodys ability to deal with physical, chemical and biological stress. it has been proven to reduce symtoms of depression and can also act as a neuroprotector.


Hopsare stated to have sedative properties, traditionally being used for insomnia,restlessness, anxiety, tension and excitability. The hop extract activates melatonin receptors

Oats (Avena Sativa)

Oats have been traditionally used to treat depression. They help the neural pathway get tryptophan (an amino acid that acts as a sedative) to the brain. Oats are high in B6 stress reducing minerals and amino acids that help the body produce sleep inducing melatonin.

Milk Peptides

Milk peptides help gently counteract sleep troubles, mood swings, concentration and memory problems by acting directly on the nervous system without any side effects or addiction


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Helps you to get a better nights sleep

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