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In the UK, one in five adults over 50 suffer from knee pain, usually brought on by exercise stress or cartilage loss. Except for rest and medication, there is no natural effective long term treatment. Because of the side effects of long term use of pain medication, many doctors now recommend shockwave therapy as an option for the pain.

  • Drug free, no side effects
  • Targets the point of pain
  • 1,000's of sufferers successfully treated
  • Small, portable and really easy to use!

Kneease is a Class 1 medical device which can administer pain relieving treatment at the push of a button, direct to the point of the pain. Developed over 7 years by a leading knee surgeon and tested on thousands of patients since 2013, Kneease allows pain relief on demand without the need for drugs and with no harmful side-effects. Shown in independent clinical trials to be effective in reducing knee pain over a 12 week period it is a simple, battery operated device providing pain relief on demand.

Use for 10 mins for up to 4 hours of pain relief!


My right knee requires a knee replacement, which was offered to me back in early 2014, i am 53 and feel its too early for me to have this as they don't last that long, so i have been eating foods that reduce inflammation which helps, but your device also seems to help just hope i'm using it properly?

Certainly makes a difference for me.

Dave Roberts, Watford

Kneease Really Works!

Bought the Kneease for my Mother who has suffered for many years with arthritis. Placed order online and received the Kneease the next working day. Simple to use supplied complete with AAA battery. Mother was taking 8 paracetamol per day and still often in pain and virtually immobile, but since the very first 10 minute session the pain has gone and she hasn’t taken another painkiller. And there has been a remarkable improvement in her mobility. Early days yet but so far (4 days) can't recommend highly enough.

Trust pilot review 05/12/2016


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How Kneease Works

With the development of modern medicine, doctors and physicians have perfected many treatments to reduce and eliminate pain. One development, first researched in the 1970's and then published in leading medical journals in 1984 was the use of shockwave therapy to treat joint pain.


Kneease has been developed as the first truly effective, clinically proven device for the treatment of knee pain.


The Kneease device generates high-frequency vibration to pass shockwaves through the skin to the tendon. It is known that pain is transmitted as impulses in the large sensory fibres of the body and by applying a certain frequency to the area of pain, it interacts with the pain impulse transmissions, causing disruption. The shockwave is effectively ‘scrambling’ the sensory impulses to the extent that they cannot be interpreted as pain signals by the brain. This is a treatment option approved by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

I have used the kneease after exercise such as tennis and found that it does help with pain. I will continue to use it and consider it to be a valuable tool to help me.

Jack Vincent

Pack contains

  • Elasticated Knee strap measuring 40-65CM
  • 1 x AAA Battery
  • Instruction leaflet

Designed by UK surgeons 

Using your Kneease device

Step 1 - Remove the battery insulation tab and replace the battery cap

Screw the battery cap on firmly. Pressing the on/off button should activate the device.





Step 2 - Secure the unit onto the end of the velcro strap

The small velcro tab should secure the device and stop it sliding up and down the knee strap. The knee strap itself is velcro, soft edged and stretchy to fit all sizes of knee.



Step 3 - With the device secured, turn over and place on the knee.

The vibration nozzle should sit under the patella (kneecap) on the point of the pain. This can be either side of the knee on the joint line of the kneecap.




Step 4 - Wrap the strap around the knee


The Kneease unit activates on the press of a button and provides treatment direct to the source of the pain. High frequency shockwaves penetrate deep into the knee and block pain signals to the brain. Treatment is painless and side effect free.


Pain relief can continue for up to 4 hours after each session. It is important to continue the treatment on a daily basis for up to six weeks for the best results. Most users experience significant pain relief and reductions in stiffness within a number of weeks of starting treatment.

The purchase was made for my mother who is 91 and suffers with a knee problem. She is using it successfully and is so far pleased with the results and is seeing her consultant tomorrow to give feedback on what she has been doing as she was against taking any strong drugs.

Margaret Duggan

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  • EX VAT £34.95 for those legally entitled 
  • Enter your discount code at the checkout to save £5.00 (Contact us for your discount code)
  • Price after discount and VAT exemption £29.95 + £3.95 P&P
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