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 Pack contains

  • Elasticated back strap measuring 40-65CM

  • 1 x AAA Battery

  • Instruction leaflet

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Natural relief from back pain without invasive surgery or drugs

In clinical trials 98% of users reported pain relief from vibration therapy!

What is Sciaticalm?

Sciaticalm is a Class I Medical Device for pain relief which uses proven vibration therapy to help relieve back pain. This small, lightweight, easy to use device targets back pain and is proven to:

  • Reduce back pain
  • Reduce sciatica pain
  • Improve your mobility

How does Sciaticalm work?

Ideal for Sciatica and lower back pain Affordable, painless & easy to use Drug free & no side effects Recommended by many doctors.

Sciaticalm starts to relieve back pain at the touch of a button. The device generates high-frequency vibration to pass shockwaves through the skin. This vibration in the body causes the pain signal to be blocked on its way to the brain. This happens because the spinal column is unable to carry both the pain signal and vibration signal at the same time - so giving you a pain relieving effect.

The device is strapped to your back with a velcro strap and turned on with a simple on/off button. Treatment time is around 10 minutes and you can even wear the device under clothes and remain mobile during use.

Clinical research on vibration therapy

Clinically proven to work

Several studies have shown vibration therapy can allow the user to experience significant pain relief. The published study ‘Pain Alleviation by Vibratory Stimulation’, by Lundburg, Nordemar and Ottoson from Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, showed that vibration therapy is an effective treatment for both chronic and acute pain and more effective than TENS.

 1. Pain alleviation by vibratory stimulation, Lundeberg et al, The Journal of Pain, 1984 2. Effect of vibratory stimulation on experimental and clinical pain, Lundeberg et al - Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitative Medicine, 1988 3. Effects of vibratory stimulation on muscular pain threshold and blink response in human subjects, Pantaleo et al – Journal of Pain 1986 4. Vibratory stimulation for the alleviation of chronic pain, Acta Physiol Scand Suppl. 1983;523:1-51

"After having sciatica for 18 months due to a slipped disc, I decided to try sciaticalm, used it three times a day for two months and my sciatica has gone. No need now for an operation which was due for July. Pain free again! “ ”Mrs S

Use for just 10 mins for up to 4 hours of pain relief! - More effective than TENS

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Additional Information

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 Pack contains

  • Elasticated back strap measuring 40-65CM
  • 1 x AAA Battery
  • Instruction leaflet
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